“Aude Group” is the trading name of AUDE LTD, a company specialized in providing brokerage and electronic trading services to clients in many countries of the world, from Asia to Europe. “Aude” was established by a group of specialists in the field of capital markets, who have more than 16 years of professional experience in global and regional stock exchanges.

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Aude’s team has adopted an approach that takes the client’s interest as a central goal, and takes into account all his needs. During our long journey in the markets, we have continuously developed our financial services and products with the aim of providing the best trading environment, and meeting the advanced demands of our clients, in order to help them achieve success. The result is a strong and stable platform, a professional team, in addition to the latest trading technologies at the global level.

With our history of strong financial results and continuous growth, and our constant fulfillment of promises, we can say with confidence that we are proud of our global, Arab and local reputation as a safe and reliable broker, and our growing client base is the best proof of that.

Aude Group seeks to have a unique imprint in the Arab and global trading market by providing exceptional services to clients in the investment and trading market. It also aspires to be the leading platform in the market, by working to meet the growing needs of its old and new clients, in addition to providing the latest Techniques used in the financial markets to serve the interests of customers to the fullest and help them achieve success

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Aude Trader

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Aude Group is a financial broker specialized in providing trading and investment services over the Internet, within exceptional working conditions.

Aude provides its clients with a professional trading platform (MT5) that is the latest in the world, with instant and stable pricing thanks to its long-standing relationships with the most powerful banks and liquidity providers, which gives clients low spreads, and ultra-fast order execution. In addition to a specialized and trained support team, available to assist you via call or in person at our headquarters. It also provides customers with multiple and quick means of withdrawal and deposit, within smooth and safe procedures at the same time.

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