Aude Trader

World-leading platform with revolutionary technology and unique features in the world of trading.

Enjoy a new trading experience with Return Trader

The primary alternative to the MT5 platform with several competitive advantages:

  • Available on all operating systems (Android – iPhone ..)
  • Super fast order execution (0.1 seconds) without re-quotes.
  • A comprehensive range of financial instruments is available for trading.
  • Built-in economic calendar and more..
Download Aude Trader platform The most modern and trendy in the world of trading
When quality, elegance and precision meet

Aude Trader Platform Features

Modern technology and trading solutions

A comprehensive set of financial instruments
In addition, digital currencies are available for trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Easy Download

Available to work on all devices and systems (Mac - Windows - Android - iPhone) as a standalone application, or through a web browser.

Built-in Economic Calendar

Enjoy the ability to follow the most important economic events and breaking news from Odeh Trader platform itself without having to exit the platform

Execute your trades in fractions of a second without delay

Low response time
Trade execution speed is 0.1 seconds
With the required margin displayed instantly with every entry or modification to the deal size

Greater ease of trading

The possibility of executing trades repeatedly without having to reopen the trading window.
The ability to close all deals with one click.
Countdown to market opening times.

Integrated and Professional Support

Direct support through WhatsApp on the platform
And Training 7/24

Download Aude Trader

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Aude Trader

There is no such thing as copying and pasting in the dictionaries, behind the scenes and rules of our work in Aude Group!
And our latest imprint is the all-new Aude Trader platform.